...so I'm back in SF now. sort of.

Figured it's time for an update... but before that, some shameless plugging....

I've been busy lately, creativity-wise... Did two new illustrated-photos since I last posted here, the one you see above, and a Takarazuka theatre inspired piece:

Also posted two new car photos, a Porsche 911 Targa, and a Chevy Malibu (two opposite ends of the automotive spectrum indeed.)

...and posted some shots of a lovely lady (Ellen) with a Fiat 500 (click the thumbs below to see bigger):

other things...

So, as I said, I'm back in San Francisco right now. I haven't officially moved back here yet though. I was gearing up for driving on this Monday (with no job and no steady place to stay lined up), but at the last minute, came to my senses & fly out. Just got in a couple hours ago, and am staying at Ryan's place. I'll be here until next Tuesday, and during that time, hope to get some job interviews in, and sublet interviews... I already have an interview for tomorrow evening for a four-month sublet, and an interview Thursday for a contract gig, but I really need to to get more job interviews (for full-time jobs) and maybe get some more sublet / apartment interviews, in case I'm not picked for this one.

Anyone wanna hire me or live with me?? (yeah, I know everyone is screwed right now and jobs are almost nonexistent here, but I thought I'd try.)

Hopefully some little fishy will bite and I can come back to the bay area at the end of the month, and get started again. I've been in a holding pattern for the last four months, since moving back to Michigan, and I need to break out of it. My backup plan, if SF doesn't work out in a couple month's time, is to stay with Dawon in LA for a bit and try to get something started down there. If that doesn't work, who knows....? I've been kicking around the idea of going back to school this fall and working towards an MFA, or maybe trying out for an eikaiwa (English teaching in Japan) job, but who knows... If I don't have this train rolling in a couple months, I'm going to be seriously panicked.

Man, I really put all my eggs in one basket with that LA move idea. If I'd known it was going to fall through, and that the economy was going to start sucking SO bad, I would have stayed in SF, and I'd probably be in better shape now. It sure as hell is hard to move back here with California being in its current shitty condition.

other thanngszz:

+ Been hanging out with my old buddy Kat a lot this past month. She wound up back in Monroe too, for various reasons, and we've been trying to cheer each other up by doing lots of fun stuff.

+ Took Marie out to see Watchmen on her birthday (well, opening day, the day before her birthday.) I loved it. I've been a big fan of the graphic novel for a long time now, and was terrified to see how the movie was going to shape up, but wasn't let down. The stuff that was cut from the movie didn't ruin the story in their absence, and even though I was leery when I heard the ending was changed, I was relieved to find out that it wasn't changed that much, and was changed in a way that worked alright. There were a few parts that Zack Snyder made cheesy, but I liked the movie in general. If you've seen the movie, but not read the book, then read it! It's a masterpiece (best American comic ever, in my opinion), and it will enhance your appreciation of the movie. It's not a perfect movie, but a much better adaptation than I was expecting it would be.

Can't really think of anything else to write. More later.....
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Changing my return date again, it seems... I figured with the 15th fast approaching, and me not even sure if I should go back to SF or go to LA, it wouldn't make sense to leave then.

However, the more I think about it, the more I just want to go back to SF. It's gonna be tough wherever I am, and I don't see my photography career flourishing in this economic environment, so if I end up being stuck in a crappy retail job again (if even those are available), then I'd rather do it in a city where I have friends, and am really used to the area. (Plus, it's really nice to be in a city where I can walk everywhere)

I'm thinking of flying out at the beginning of March and spending a week relentlessly job hunting, then driving out a week or two later, job-lined-up or not.

Who the fuck knows though... I'm not sure what I'm gonna do if I end up going back there and not getting a job. I have some places I can possibly stay for a little bit, but don't want to wear out my welcome. I just hope if I go the the trouble of driving back to SF that I can find something, and don't have to drive back again. I guess then I'll either apply for English teaching Japan, or drive back to Michigan again.

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random notes...

+ Setting February 15th or 16th as my departure date from Michigan. On to LA... I know the job market sucks there too, but I have to make it work somehow.

+ Sold some art at the C-Pop show.

+ My old buddy Kat is back in town and we hung out late into the night last night. It's good to see her again.

+ Finished a new illustrated-photo piece. It's very NSFW, so just click the silhouette preview below:

In addition to seeing the work, you can see detail shots, and download a wallpaper.

+ In addition to posting at my art site, I've also been posting some art at The Electric Ant zine blog.

+ Tokyo Zombie, the manga that Ryan and I adapted into English, won the About.com reader poll for 2008's best manga one-shot. Yay!

+ I'm downloading the Resident Evil 5 demo as I type this. The anticipation is killing me! I finally finished Fallout 3 last week (I'd gotten to the end a couple weeks ago, but purposely put off finishing it), and bought Dead Space, which I've been spending time on.

+ Got bored and painted my keyboard:

+ Been sorting through lots of stuff. Gonna run down to Columbus on Thursday to sell 8 boxes of books. I also have 5 boxes of Japanese-language books (mostly manga tankoban) that I'll have sent out later, when I get a place in LA, so I can sell them to Book-Off.

+ Almost forgot to post this, but I had a couple big gigs in mid-January. I did photography for Intersection Magazine during press days at the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS). You can see my pics here. Later that night, I was the hired photographer for Designer's Night, the biggest event for automotive designers in the country. It's was pretty cool.

+ A Radio Flyer wagon that was hanging in our garage fell on my car, putting a dent and some scratches in the driver's door. I seem to have the worst luck keeping my little red beauty in mint condition!

+ In general, my two months in Michigan so far has been a long boring stretch of blah, punctuated by the occasional exclamation point of an art show or a photo gig. It's been nice spending time with my parents though. I've also been hanging out with some friends, although very rarely. I've sort of lost touch with a lot of people here, and the weather's been shit. More later...
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On a brighter note, I finished a new illustrated photo - "Metal"

Featuring Dawon, my longtime favorite muse.

Also, I posted a set on my Flickr of my road trip from California to Michigan. Click the pic below, or
here to check out the photo set.

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>>> vent <<<

Man, I really wish I could stop kicking my own ass about moving back to Michigan. I've been pretty depressed since I got here. Depressed, totally broke, leeching off my parents like a goddamn bum, and the weather is killing my mood.

I was really proud of myself for getting out of Michigan four years ago, and moving to San Francisco, and making a decent life for myself there. I really fucked up after getting laid-off. I thought I could be patient enough to get another good job (ie: paying well and doing something that utilized my true talents), as I had for a while there, but I should have been looking for a job. I got so low on money that when the time came that I found out that the place I was going to crash at in LA fell through (I found this out as I was moving out of SF), I didn't have enough money left to pay to stay anywhere, and no home left in SF. I tried to ask my roommates to let me stay, but earlier that day they'd given the okay to the new girl, and it would've been unfair to her to do that. Arghhh. I should have at least found a sublet or something. I mean, I feel like shit that I'm relying on my parents again, but if I had to do that, it would have been a lot more productive to do rely on them for sublet money in California while I found a job. God knows there's no jobs in Michigan right now. I'm just bleeding them dry. Just like I always used to. Back to square one again. I got a late start, compared to my peers, in terms of taking care of myself and making my own money. I got a lot of shit for it too, from certain people. I understand that I didn't have the same circumstances as most people. My family was a lot better off then, financially. Now that I'm back to leeching again, this time because I'm broke and desperate, I feel awful, embarrassed, and like a big failure.

I just really need to get back to California. I know it sounds whiny, but the winter really makes me depressed. I need to be able to go outside on walks. I hate having icy roads keeping me inside. I spun out on the freeway the other day and did a 360, and thought I was going to die. I never have shit like that happen in Cali. Plus, the shitty roads here are hell on my tight suspension.

Plus, I'm lonely here. Most of my friends are in California. I drove across the states with Dawon in October with the intent that we were moving to LA together. Now I'm stuck here and she's in the sunshine and I can't hang out with her. My friends here are usually too busy. I've spent most of my time inside, staying up until 8am every night, playing hours and hours of Fallout 3 (not a very cheery game either). I've gotten some art done, but for how much I wanted free time when I was working, if I have nothing but free time, I tend to have a hard time focusing. I've been in the mood to meet a new girl lately. I miss the feeling of being in a relationship. ...but there's no point in wishing for that here. No one of my type around the Midwest, really, and anything like that would just lock me down too much. I really wouldn't mind just getting laid, in all honesty, just to make my life a little less boring... Wish I had a booty call, haha. (It's only been 5 months, but that's the longest I've gone without it since becoming sexually active.) Gahh, TMI maybe, and a tad tacky. Anyway, I'm rambling.

On one hand, there are nice aspects of being home again. I get along fine with my parents, and there's some nice kitties here (which I'm allergic to), and I have a big room with no worry of annoying neighbors, but at the same time, my brain is rotting..... I went from living in the state that, during this crappy economy, arguably is in the best condition in the US, to the state with the worst economy and highest unemployment rate.

I really just wish I had a friend in LA that I could stay with for a couple weeks while I find a job, and then find an apartment. The two really good friends I have there (Dawon and Anthony), are staying with family, and I can't stay there, and my other friends in LA are people I don't feel like I know well enough to ask that kind of favor of. I also just wish I could get another job soon. Honestly, I most wish I could just move back to San Francisco, as I miss it greatly, but I should probably try LA first.

I just need to get out of here!!

Sorry for the crappy tone of this post. Sometimes it helps for me to get vile thoughts out of my head, and onto the keyboard.
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Haven't really been in the mood to post much lately, but it would be a shame not to mention our new kitty!

Magnus, at the vet
at the vet, the day we took him home

Magnus, yawning

I named him "Magnus." He's a stray Norwegian Forest cat who was living in a dog house at a used car dealership. The family that ran the place couldn't take him in, due to allergies, so we took him home. He's a real charmer.

More of an update coming soon... but I hope everyone has a great new year!
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So I'm back in Michigan,and I've been busy. Doing photography for a documentary about a car designer / fine artist, and also getting ready for a show...

C-Pop Gallery
4160 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI

I have three pieces in C-Pop Gallery's show, "©POPpor2nity". This is an honor for me, as I used to frequent C-Pop as a high schooler / college student, and it inspired me quite a bit, growing up. It was thanks to C-Pop, that I got into Yumiko Kayukawa, Shepard Fairey, Niagara, AWOL, Mark Ryden,and many others.

Anyway, more later. busy busy busy...
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transient damage report

still on the road. I just spent a few days, relaxing at my uncle's place in Denver. Would you believe that in the 24 hours following the rear-end collision, that I got a flat tire, then hit a coyote?? The coyote really messed up the front of my car. I had to tape parts of the bumper back together and cut off parts that were dragging on the ground. Now I have a 2007 Mazda 3 beater.

The insurance is going to cover all of the rear-end damage when I get back to Michigan, but I gotta pay a $500 deductible on the coyote damage. Yaaaaaayyyy.. :-(

Anyway, I'm currently at a Motel 6 in Lincoln Nebraska. Tomorrow I hit Chicago, and hang out with my old buddy Leigh (madflowr ). Yaaay!! :-)
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