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MASSIVE catchup post (June 2009 - August 2010)

Hey peeeeople! I sort of lost my zest for posting on LJ for a while there because I felt like a lot of people were abandoning the site, and there wasn't as much community. Since I haven't been on here much in a while, I should check it out and see what the state of that is nowadays. I think it's good for me to post here again for the personal bonus of having a time capsule to look back at later on.

Since I haven't been on LJ very much in the past, say, 14 months, here's a massive post to catch the journal up on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the latter half of 2009 and of 2010 so far...

warning, this update is graphic intensive! (with pretty pictures, so be sure to take a look!)

June 2009

- visited Dawon in LA. Had a baaaad cold for most of the time, unfortunately. Click the above, or here to see pics from that LA visit.

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