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MASSIVE catchup post (June 2009 - August 2010)

Hey peeeeople! I sort of lost my zest for posting on LJ for a while there because I felt like a lot of people were abandoning the site, and there wasn't as much community. Since I haven't been on here much in a while, I should check it out and see what the state of that is nowadays. I think it's good for me to post here again for the personal bonus of having a time capsule to look back at later on.

Since I haven't been on LJ very much in the past, say, 14 months, here's a massive post to catch the journal up on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the latter half of 2009 and of 2010 so far...

warning, this update is graphic intensive! (with pretty pictures, so be sure to take a look!)

June 2009

- visited Dawon in LA. Had a baaaad cold for most of the time, unfortunately. Click the above, or here to see pics from that LA visit.

July 2009

- Watched 4th of July fireworks with Dawon, on her roof.

- My nephew Cameron came out to visit me for a week in SF. Click above or here to see Cameron's pics from that visit.

- Was in an art show at Space Gallery - "Beyond Recognition". Click above or here to see pics.

August 2009

- moved out of the Oak St apartment, and back into my old room at 1757 Fulton St.

- Visited Michigan for a couple weeks. Reconnected with my old friend Raphye while there. Click above or here to see more info about the artwork I made that she modeled for.

September 2009

- Was in another show at Space Gallery - "Off the Wall". Click above or here to see pics.

- My art was written up on io9.com

October 2009

- LovEvolution (aka Love Fest). Click above or here to see pics.

- visited Dawon in LA. (pics coming soon)

- tabled at APE with my friends, for the fourth year in a row. Click above or here to see pics.

- met Melinda and started dating her

- Got a job at Calumet Photographic

November 2009

- Found out my dad had to get a triple bypass. I flew home to be with him. Ended up being in MI for 2 months.

- My new nephew Milo was born.

- Lost my job with Calumet since I had to be in Michigan for a while.

- Thanksgiving with my family. My dad got out of the hospital just in time for it.

December 2009

- Ryan and his mom came to MI for the holidays. I hung out with Ryan a lot when there. (pics coming soon)

- Tom stopped by Monroe for a day on his way to visit family. We hung out and had fun. (pic coming soon)

- Had Christmas with my family.

- My cousin Heath came to visit for a brief bit.

- Melinda flew out and visited me in Monroe on her way to NYC.

January 2010

- Rang in the new year at a martini bar in Monroe with Melinda and some friends.

- Redesigned my art site and launched ver 2.0 of evanhaydenart.com

- Shot at Always Christmas in Lake Orion MI for a History Channel show, "Life After People".

- NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show) with dad. Above, you can see a pic of my favorite car, and favorite girl, respectively, from the show. Click the pics, or here, to see the rest of the pics from the show.

- Came back to SF after my two month stint in Michigan helping dad.

February 2010

- Went to Las Vegas with Ryan and Dawon for a weekend trip. (pics coming soon)

- Assisted photographer Sean Murphy on the photoshoot for Lake Tahoe Visitor's Authority advertisements.

- Had a lovely Valentine's Day picnic with Melinda.

- The "Life After People" episode with my photography in it aired on TV.

March 2010

- Rejected initially for unemployment. Appealed and waited forever...

- Visited Dawon in LA. (pics coming soon)

April 2010

- Decided to move out of San Francisco again, since I couldn't afford it. Started packing...

- Had an awesome birthday party with many friends. Dinner, purikura, karaoke. Click the above pics, or here, to see the rest of the pics from the party.

- After years of enjoying my bootleg copy, finally got to see "Hausu" in the theatre, at Castro.

- Dad flew out to help me move out of the apartment in San Francisco.

May 2010

- I moved out of San Francisco again. Dad and I took my Mazda3 across the country, back to Monroe. We visited uncle Jeff and my cousin Nate on the way. (pics coming soon)

- Mom adopted a new dog, Missy.

- I broke up with Melinda due to having to move and not knowing if I'd be back. This was not an easy decision.

- Finally had my unemployment hearing over the phone. Accepted for payment.

- Dad bought a turquoise 1975 Fiat Spider to be our project car

- Movement Festival 2010 (aka DEMF) (pics coming soon)

- Bought a new bike - a Schwinn Tourist road bike (pic coming soon)

- We found a stray Husky puppy and adopted him, naming him Nero. He basically became my dog.

June 2010

- Tornadoes kept touching down near Monroe. Luckily none hit us.

- Started doing freelance graphic design for Sympoz.com

- Rejected again for unemployment for a stupid reason. (argh)

July 2010

- Went up north with my parents to the Rogers City house. (pics coming soon)

August 2010

- Dad & I repainted the Fiat bright metallic green. (pics coming soon)

- Visited Vivian in Toronto for a week. I had a blast, and fell in love with the city. While there, we saw "Scott Pilgrim" on opening night, saw Crystal Castles at HardFest, rode bikes a lot, drank, did karaoke, and had all kinds of fun. Pics coming soon. In the meantime, the photo above is Vivian & Frank, before Frank's bike polo match.

- Started doing freelance graphic design for maestromarket.com

...and here are some of the art works I made in the last 14 months. Click on them to see more info on each:

...and here are some of the photo shoots I did in the last 14 months. Click on them to see more of each shoot:

*whew*! This post took me about 90 minutes to type out. YOU'D BETTER REEEEEAD IT.

...and if you did, thanks for reading this long post! You'll notice I don't have as many pictures for the later events, but that's because I've been busy and am behind on sorting and uploading stuff. I will rectify that in the future. My next post will be about what is going on now, and what is next! Big changes are happening soon...

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