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long time no see...

I miss LiveJournal. Well, I miss the old days where there was a big vibrant community where people would have some pretty in-depth conversations on here and you could really get to know your online buddies. All of the LJ friends who eventually because real life friends were easy transitions because I already knew them! (I'm looking at you Vivian, Vanessa, Leigh, Maggie, etc!)

Nowadays everyone goes for the brevity of Facebook or even more so Twitter. I am on both of these as well, and I tweet now and then, but sometimes it's just not as satisfying as really stretching out the old writing muscles! I might try to revive my LJ a bit, and use it as a dumping ground for long-form thoughts to link to on FB & Twitter. My actual LJ looks like shit right now, as I let my pay account lapse, had a URL die and take tons of my pics with it, and seem to have no background on my posts at the moment (fixed). I will fix as much of this as possible, eventually.

Lots of stuff is going on right now in my life. I shall post that soon. But for now, I gotta sleeeeeeeeep!

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